((auman)) - suar marabahaya - ((AUMAN)) - Suar

Album Suar Marabahaya (2013) milik ((AUMAN)) (Palembang) dirilis ulang dalam format vinyl oleh Disaster Records (Bandung).

The CD has 11 well-written and well-crafted songs, half of which hover above the two minute mark, while four go past three minutes and one goes up beyond four. The album starts off with “Year Of The Tiger”, great drum sounds, and then a huge Sabbath-ish riff kicks in, tough guy chorus vocals, and then darker riffs mixed with wicked tiger cries. Some gothic chanting just to make it extra dark. Awesome!!
“Unholy Terror” is a slick rocking song that is a wee bit Soundgarden-ish. “.” is near bluesy at the start, but then becomes a cool little hardcore number. “Viva Rimau ! Rimau !” starts out with some cheerleading, and then goes into full hardcore drive, very nice, before slowing down to something pretty groovy, and then dirge-like and more tiger screams. “City Of Ghost” is groovy at the beginning, with a deep, dark moaning vibe that gloms on and on. “Suar Marabahaya” is a crunchy, chunky hardcore rocker with cool tough guy choruses. “Subsonic Teenage Dream Machine” is hard and crusty, but gets interesting in the middle with some cool guest singing interplay. “Broken Hard Rock” gets nutty with a long drum intro, then some real rock from the rock (or maybe it sounds like it’s from Seattle?) “(We Are) The Sons Of The Sun” is the nearest the album has to an anthem, and comes with a huge Rage Against The Machine-style riff that really has to be heard to be believed. The band also brings in some horns here – great tune! “Sangkakala Apokalips” is quite metallic, with big stadium chants, it’s not one of the release’s stronger tracks initially, but does become very exciting toward the end as the band builds up a cool wall of sound, throws in some Iron Maiden dynamics, then wraps it up. The final song is “Macho”, a classic of traditional Dangdut style Indonesian pop music that the band covered – perhaps to be ironic, perhaps to poke fun at the scene’s macho presence. It starts a about 15 seconds in, so be patient with your CD and your CD player (or your MP3 player, whatever turns you on), it’s worth the wait.

Auman "Suar Marabahaya" 12" warna hitam dan ungu sudah bisa dipesan lewat dsstrrecs@ dan untuk offline bisa didapatkan hari ini mulai jam 3 sore di Maternal Disaster Flagship Store Jl Wira Angun Angun No 4B Bandung

((AUMAN)) - Suar Marabahaya((AUMAN)) - Suar Marabahaya((AUMAN)) - Suar Marabahaya((AUMAN)) - Suar Marabahaya