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Limiting temptations can help you slowly build more self-discipline over time. If your weakness involves checking social media every two minutes, find an app that blocks access to Facebook. Or, if you can't resist overspending when you go to the store, leave your credit card at home and carry cash only.

Last Friday, Hernandez had been acquitted in a double homicide and his previous murder conviction is currently being appealed.

With that object in mind, Aurangzeb himself went to the Deccan and annexed Bijapur and Golconda in 1686 and 1687 respectively. He might have claimed credit for the destruction of the Shia States, but he had committed a blunder in doing so. He should have followed a buffer state policy towards those states and subordinated his religious zeal to statesmanship. If he had helped these states against the Marathas he would have been able to keep the latter in check with much less expense and waste of energy.

Let me conclude with one last thought about a disciplined life. It is a very important thought as well. If you wish to maintain a disciplined and successful life, you have to avoid distractions. As far as youngsters are concerned, let me point out one way in which you are distracted is time you spent with your gadgets. How much time do you waste chatting on WhatsApp and Facebook? How much time do you spent in playing video games? What about time spent in watching movies, cricket and football? If you do not learn to discipline yourselves and limit time you spent for all these; you will regret that later in life. For the quality and vigour of time in youth will never return. Invest the best of your time in life in the best things of life.

 · Self- discipline isn't a characteristic, it's a learned practice. These strategies can help you resist temptation and stay on track to reaching long-term goals.

In early 2011, Bradford Shellhammer and Jason Goldberg shut down Fabulis and started Fab. Jason Goldberg/Business Insider

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Discipline - Downfall Of The Working ManDiscipline - Downfall Of The Working ManDiscipline - Downfall Of The Working ManDiscipline - Downfall Of The Working Man